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After spending 8 years in the public sector, Younis launched YouScale, a consultancy company specialized in exponential transformation. His MTP -Massive Transformative Purpose- is to make nations future-ready to positively impact the lives of billions of people.


Younis holds a PhD in computer science and went to Singularity University for an executive program. He is an active member of the OpenExO community.

Younis believes in the concept of super citizens where citizens become active members of their community by helping the government improve the quality of services. For their engagement, super citizens are rewarded in various ways ranging from local restaurant vouchers to a meeting with the Head of State.

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Let's work together

YouScale offers 7 services towards business transformation. Click on the icons to get a quote.


30 min

After running our diagnostic survey, you will understand how future-ready your organization is. You will get a score and recommendations to become more agile and resilient.


60 min

60 min

60 min

In this 1-hour Ask Me Anything session, you will choose one expert (amongst a global network of thousands of business transformation experts) who will answer your questions live.


2-4 hours

This awakening session targets the leadership of your organization and provides an in-depth keynote-like presentation on a specific topic and will embed you in the exponential mindset. Many best practices will be illustrated as well as examples of organizations or even countries that have been disrupted.


1-2 hours

Tap into our global ecosystem of emerging technology specialists and exponential thinkers for focused brainpower on your challenge. During a period of 60-120 minutes, up to 10 ecosystem members answer your questions on business transformation.


1-2 days

These workshops allow a group of individuals to grasp a real understanding of the ExO Model and how to implement it in your organization. The workshop includes theory and practical sessions that allow participants to walk away with tangible tools to drive exponential transformation.

ExO World

1-3 days

Enjoy a truly virtual event in your own time, joining in on the discussions that most interest you. Gain insights, connect to your community and have fun!

See it for yourself here (ExO World Canada)


10 to 16 weeks

The ExO Sprint is our signature offer.

It will propel your organization/region/country 2-3 years ahead. You will become more agile and resilient. The ExO Sprint offers practical solutions and suggestions for tackling each of the challenges to transformation. The processes outlined in Exponential Transformation are a culmination of the authors’ experiences running innovation and transformation projects for the past 15 years, initiatives that have involved 200+ innovation consultants providing invaluable feedback.

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Let's work together

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Governments are somehow like large corporates. A company has customers that they want to make and keep happy. A government has citizens that they want to make and keep happy. Together, let’s transform governments all around the world to make them future-ready.

Everyday Entrepreneur Everywhere conversation with Younis Hijazi, the Exponential Transformation Coach from Luxembourg

Younis Hijazi talks about his ideas on how to incorporate futures thinking about personal development.

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